Qilo Featured in Forbes

About a year and a half ago, we shamelessly auditioned for Shark Tank. We made it to the fourth round before we were told that we didn't make it. Even though we didn't make it, Forbes was kind enough to write about our experience. Click here to view the full article. 

Here was our initial pitch to Shark Tank:

"Qilo is an NYC-based fashion brand that uses themes such as anime, cartoons, and pineapples for design inspiration. Qilo initially started out as a blog called ‘Thousand Miles’, an ode to the Lao Tzu quote 'The journey of 1000 miles begins with one step.' After changing our name to 'Qilo' from the root word 'Thousand,' our aim was to bring fashion together with art, music, and animation in a welcoming, fun way. To us, the word animation means 'to give life' or 'to give color.' Through a series of funky photoshoots using samurai swords and various props, we did just that. During one of these photoshoots on the streets of Soho a tall, blonde, expressionless man noticed us and started following us. He commended us on our fashion and handed us his card. The word 'Tumblr' read in bold letters on the back of his card. He was Valentine Uhovski - the Fashion Evangelist of Tumblr. After that photoshoot, Valentine started inviting us to Fashion Week events where we were able to network and start grooming our brand into what it is today. Since our launch, we've been interviewed by MTV, written about by Complex Magazine as one of the '10 Coolest brands [they] have found on Instagram,' and collaborated with some of the most influential bloggers, models, and tastemakers."

We were ultimately rejected by Shark Tank after passing the preliminary rounds, but we have not let that stop us. We have since expanded passed tri-state area brick-and-mortar stores to now being carried in stores across the country, as well as having expanded online sales to the point of frequently having both domestic and international orders. We are scheduled to debut our first apparel collection this August at the Capsule Trade Show in Las Vegas. 

Here are the jackets:

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Stay tuned for more Qilo news!


Jarrell Chalmers