The Inspiration Behind The New Qilo Jackets

After months of testing and re-styling, we're proud to announce that we've finally released our Qilo Jackets. In honor of the release, we'd like to give you all a break down on how these beauties came to be about. 

Qilo Highlighter Bomber Jacket 

This particular jacket was inspired by the many bright colors the 80s brought us. When we first made it, we decided to wear it around to see what sort of reactions we'd get. We came to the conclusion that this jacket was damn near magical. It was a huge conversation starter. "Where'd you get your jacket?" We heard this almost everywhere we went. If you're interested in buying this jacket, be prepared for compliments. We aren't exaggerating. 

Porcelain Jacket

Are any of you familiar with Chinese porcelain? We took a trip to an exhibit and saw a bunch of ancient porcelain prints from China. We challenged ourselves to create our own version of porcelain and this is what we got. 

Most of what we design is inspired by every day life. In the future, you'll all see lots of that come to fruition. Our future collections are inspired by everything from cartoons to things we have seen in Chinatown. Stay tuned. 

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