Why Street Wear Has Changed For The Better

We hear so many complaints about Street Wear brand has changed for the worst. We like to think that it has changed for the absolute best. Street Wear has become something so much bigger than it ever was. You can't step out of your house without eyeballing a Stussy or Supreme drop. 

To prove our point, we compiled a list of different reasons we believe support our idea of Street Wear changing for the better. 

1. Social Media

With the dawn of Social Media, anyone can build an audience. With a strong enough Instagram presence, you can sell products, connect with online publications like Complex, connect with your customers on a deeper level and you can connect with other brands. 

Connecting with your customers is arguably the most important part of Social Media. In this way, you can build a brand and analyze what your potential customer is interested in. If you notice your followers are constantly talking about Kanye, use this to your advantage. Write a blog article or two about Kanye to get them going to your site. 

2. Universal Style

Street Wear isn't what it used to be. Years ago, FUBU and Ecko held a monopoly over what it meant to be a Street Wear brand. Things are so much different now. You have brands like Supreme doing collabs with Brooks Brothers. Street Wear has moved from just being baggy clothes and shirts with graffiti, to immersing itself into every aspect of clothing. These days you can drop a blazer and call it Street Wear depending on how you style everything. 

Since Street Wear is more universal now, designers have more freedom. As a brand, you don't have to stick yourself in a box anymore. 

3. The Collaborations

Yes, starting a brand can be competitive, but I think it's beautiful how brands are now collaborating with each other. Combing ideas and brand identities just leaves room for amazing pieces to be created. 

Collaborations have made Street Wear a lot like music. Different brands drop different collaborations on different dates. In this way, Street Wear has become somewhat theatrical. 

4. The Art Expands

In todays day and age, to survive as a brand you have to do much more than have a shop. You have to have social media, collaborations and celebrities wearing your stuff. While this is difficult, it has also created a new realm in the industry. There are brands out there dropping entire fashion films, mixtapes and art galleries. Street Wear has become a medium of expression that transcends clothing. 

Check out this fashion film by Luca Fersko:


5. It's More Inclusive

Kanye just had a pop up shop and so many of you went. Brands are connecting with their fans on a deeper level.  

Events aren't the only thing that makes Street Wear inclusive. The price points of different brands make it so that anyone can look fly. On a budget? Go to H&M. Need a fresh hat? Looking to spend money on quality garments? Go to Barneys. The scope of what you can buy is so wide. In this way, Street Wear ends up including several markets in the mix.