Qilo Presentation w/ChicpeaJC

Chicpea is a lifestyle blogger from Jersey City, New Jersey. She promotes local businesses, artwork, and culture. Chicpea first launched in 2014 when Lynn (aka Chicpea) decided to start a blog as a way to further explore and promote the local community. Since then, Chicpea has become a full-fledged cultural icon for Jersey City residents. To celebrate her blog's 3-year anniversary, Chicpea decided to host an event and launch her own non-profit to support the arts for the youth. The event raised over $5,000. 

Qilo was invited to present our brand at this latest event- Chicpea Turns 3! With one of its founders hailing from Jersey City, Qilo was more than happy to be a part of this movement to support the local youth and culture.

Here's a recap of the event...

Jarrell Chalmers