Interview with Tank and the Bangas

We recently attended the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival. Artists such as Chance the Rapper, Travis Scott, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers headlined the event. In the midst of all the  performances, we were lucky enough to interview New Orleans' very own Tank and the Bangas. 

Check out Qilo's Jarrell Chalmers having a chat with Tank:

After this amazing interview, Tank shot some photos in our SS17 collection. 

Here's the full transcript of the interview:  

JC: Hey Tank can you tell everyone who you are and where you’re from? 

TANK: We are Tank and the Bangas and we are from New Orleans Louisiana.

JC: Where do you find inspiration in your music?

TANK: I find inspiration just talking to people. Regular people talking about what they’re going through. Anything in life: trees, things from nature, things that are natural, you know things that are sure as the sun rises. I like things that have a truth in them that can’t be denied.

JC: I’m sure you get asked this a billion times, but how was being on Tiny Desk?

TANK: It was amazing and unsuspecting. First of all I had no idea that we would win. I didn’t think we would win. It was over 6,000 people that entered and they found these little people from New Orleans at the bottom of the map. It was crazy.

JC: Are you ever coming to New York City anytime soon? 

TANK: Heck yeahhh. I’ll be at the blue note and we’ll be at this little thing called Summer Jam.

JC: What?! Summer Jam?! That’s like one of the biggest festivals on the east coast. One year Jay-Z brought out Michael Jackson 

TANK: What! Amazing. We are so excited.

JARRELL: If you’re ever in New York City, I highly recommend going to this place called the Nuyorican’s Poets Cafe. 

TANK: Wow. I actually performed there my first time in New York City.

JC: Is it your first time at Bonarroo?


JC: Who are your dream collaborators? 

TANK: Kendrick Lamar, Anderson Paak, Jhene Aiko  and Joshua Bennett from Brave New Voices. 

JC: Have you ever gotten to meet any of these people?

TANK: I got to wave at Anderson Paak!

If you aren't familiar with any of Tank and the Bangas music, we highly recommend watching the video below: 

Jarrell Chalmers