5 Creatives You Should Know

If you didn't know, we are currently in a period of creative renaissance. The internet has provided society with tools necessary for channeling creativity in this digital age. For instance, just about anyone can launch a fashion brand with an Instagram account; Soundcloud provides artists with platforms to drop bodies of work; Vimeo lets millenials get their videographer on. 

With all the innovation going around, we thought we add to your current list of favorite creatives. Here are 5 Creatives You Should Know. 

1. Chris Lavish - Born and raised in Queens, this influencer is someone to keep an eye on.  He’s been featured in Vogue,The NY Times and even Qilo.

2. Herrick and Hooley - Musicians from Texas. Currently living in NYC. Did you catch their performance on Nylon Mag?

3. Andy Mac- A photographer out of New Jersey who has a good eye for fashion and unique perspective. Andy was actually one of the first photographers Qilo ever worked with.


4. Lindsey Jean-Baptiste- The model with amazing fashion sense. He was recently featured in Vogue for NYFW Week.

5. Anne Heilner -  Shes’s a New York based model and Designer with an amazing aesthetic. Check her feed out simply for the beauty of it.

Jarrell Chalmers