An Interview With Herrick And Hooley

Herrick and Hooley is our favorite band from Texas. If you're into Jazzy Hip Hop, Frank Ocean or Odd Future, you should definitely give them a listen. While we are proud enough to compare them to these artists, you'll notice that they have effectively created their own sound. If you haven't heard of them, here's one of our favorite videos: 

 Herrick and Hooley just dropped an EP with singer Mallory Merk. Here's what they said the process was like: 

Honestly working on this project was one of the most natural things we have done. Hunter was just producing all the time and when Mallory hit us up, we sent some stuff her way that we thought would fit her sound. She immediately sent back fully written and recorded songs that were amazing. Her ability to take an instrumental and find the melodies in it to highlight is amazing. Not to mention her song writing is on a level above artists that are double her age. Also working with Kydnice from New York was crazy. He engineered this album and helped bring the best out of me and Mallory’s vocal takes. They’re both awesome people and you can definitely expect more music from both of us.

As it turns out, they worked on the EP in NYC. We asked them about their experience in the city:

 Getting to work in a studio in Manhattan was pretty crazy. We’ve done everything up to this point very DIY and bedroom style so to come into a professional environment and work with such an awesome artist was surreal. We also stayed at Mallory and her Mom’s apartment for the whole week which was dope. It was five of us sleeping on an air mattress crammed into a tiny room. We were all together when Blonde dropped and we shared a really beautiful moment listening to the whole album together. We will definitely never forget this trip. Shouts out to Mama Merk for housing us.

 When can we expect to hear some new Herrick and Hooley? 

 We are currently about to move to NY with our good friend and Houston artist, Nicotine. We are currently collaborating on her EP. As far as a new H&H project we don’t have any solid plans or dates but we are always working on music. 

Lastly, here's a message from the band: 

Here’s the first track off the MM&HH EP called “If You Wanna” After we made this track we knew we really had something special working with Mallory and we got to record it in the studio in NY after driving 30 hours to play a festival in Delaware with Rakeem. It was one of the craziest weeks of our life and this song is a memory of that week that we will never forget.
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