The Inspiration Behind Our Qilogram Hats

The hats you are currently looking at say "Kilogram." Some of you might not know why we chose to go with these characters. Here's why..

About three years ago, Qilo was just a blog called Thousand Miles. The blog was founded on this principle by Lao Tzu: “The Journey of One Thousand Miles begins with one step.” Starting a blog and attempting to build a brand was our journey. Initially, we just took photos of Tumblr models and called it fashion. We had no idea things would catch on. Before we knew it, some of our photos were getting blogged thousands of times.

Here’s a photo from the Thousand Mile era:

You’ll notice the shirt above has three circles. This was yet another reference to Lao Tzu and his thousand mile journey. Three circles symbolize the numerical value of thousand.

Eventually, we decided to change our name. We wanted something shorter, but we wanted to maintain Lao Tzu’s value of "Thousand." We thought of different ways to manipulate the word thousand. As it turns out, Kilo means thousand. Somehow, Kilo was turned into Qilo and our brand was born.

This symbol says Kilogram in Mandarin. It’s a constant reminder of how and why our brand was started. We are on a journey to build a brand and inspire others to do the same.


Jarrell Chalmers