MULTICAM® 5-Panel in Alpine

MULTICAM® 5-Panel in Alpine


Qilo's Multicam 5-Panel in Alpine is constructed of genuine, licensed USA-made MultiCam® Camo, constructed of 500 denier poly-coated nylon. Featuring an adjustable strap with pineapple-embossed buckle.

The MultiCam® fabric is wind and water resistant, and is the same material and pattern used by U.S. Special Operations Forces for their combat gear.

This is a patented Camo pattern that can only be printed under license in the United States. The pattern includes the MultiCam® watermark in its design, and is thus distinguished from foreign knockoffs.

Water droplets simply glide off the surface of this fabric due to the poly-coating, without leaving any dampness or moisture behind. 

Features an embossed black leather patch stitched on crown, and black leather buckle strap.

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